The Future of Remote Work — Part 2

How to set up effective virtual meetings with distributed team members

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In today’s workplace, an employee is just as likely to be working with someone in a different part of the country as they may be with someone in another part of the office.

This is another example of how traditional work experienced an accelerated and sudden shift in 2020 due to the pandemic. Thus, to appropriately adapt to the changing environment, it is vital to understand how, why and what makes remote meetings work.

Jason Fried, the CEO of Basecamp — a successful project management software — has been an advocate of Remote work for over two decades, framed the difference between in-office and remote work in this helpful article. …

The Future of Remote Work — Part 1

Work is changing at warp speed. Here’s what you need to know about this mentality adjustment.

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If you roll your eyes whenever anyone says “the New Normal,” you are not alone. We all know there was nothing normal about 2020. The future of work was accelerated at a dizzying speed by necessity.

Surprisingly, most people were able to adjust despite the intense logistical headwinds and the power of inertia.

The key to a successful pivot from physical to remote work is to adjust the team’s mindset. A virtual first mindset challenges many common and basic assumptions about how great work gets done. This piece will discuss what to consider to adjust to a virtual first mindset.

Measure Impact over Quantity

Research suggests that when companies empower employees to work autonomously, they become more engaged, accountable, and productive. …

2020 has brought a November to Remember

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Traditionally on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I take time out of my day to personally handwrite thank-you notes to those who have impacted my life in the year. Then, I put them in an envelope and would hand-deliver them to each person when possible.

On Thursday (Thanksgiving Day), I would typically spend time with friends & family and express gratitude in our dinners. After all, it’s time to be full of gratitude.

This year, as you know, has been very different for everyone. …


There are many things to learn from imperfection.

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On June 25th, 1994, I was an inconsolable 10-year-old laying in the arms of my Dad. Now, you may wonder why or how I remember that date with such exactitude? Well, that was the day in which I felt football was taken away from me.

That date is now infamous in World football history. It’s the day when Diego Maradona, the greatest footballer of all time, was escorted away by a nurse for a doping test. The results, unfortunately, would come back positive. It essentially marked the end of his football career.

I remember this moment as if it was yesterday. I remember sobbing and yelling to my Dad: “Why are they doing this?” “What did he do?” …

What the Protégé Effect teaches us about empowering learning in Organizations

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Have you been tasked with teaching the new colleague in your team the ropes? If you have been in this scenario, you have likely found the idea to be tedious at first. Yet, I’m sure that with the benefit of hindsight, the teaching process proved to be an excellent opportunity for you to learn.

Research has shown that teaching a concept or a skill to someone else is one of the best ways to improve our learning. This is what is known as the Protégé Effect. …

A quick guide to leveraging your competence to grow professionally

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Quick! What do these four legends have in common?

  • Michael Jordan
  • Pele
  • Steve Jobs
  • Mark Zuckerberg

For starters, all of them are the very best in their respective industry, but that’s perhaps stating the obvious. What’s more interesting is to know how many “years of experience” they had when starting their most successful role. By my rough calculation, the total would be less than one year combined!

Before becoming a worldwide brand, Michael Jordan was not even selected to be on the varsity team of his High School basketball team. Jordan was only a freshman when he made the game-winning basket for the University of North Carolina in 1982. …

These practical steps helped me overcome my weakness and grow professionally

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“Our strength grows out of our weakness.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let’s start by stating the obvious, overcoming a weakness is not easy nor the most desirable way to invest your valuable time. Still, the process of improving at something that you were not good at before is a gratifying experience. It will pay off personally and professionally both in the short and long-term.

At the beginning of my career, I was not the best at receiving feedback. I was defensive, argumentative, and I always let my ego take over the conversation. In short, I did everything wrong instead of listening and asking questions for improvement. What I would do is ignore it and then to work harder in my strengths to “prove them wrong.”

The best advice comes from lived experiences; your grandparents have a lot!

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There’s one thing that is certain about 2020; it’s been the year with the greatest uncertainty for many generations. Coronavirus changed the way we do a lot of things in our day-to-day life. Social unrest has sparked hard but necessary conversations amongst us. Rising economic inequality has strengthened the division and led to extreme political polarization. The feeling of being overwhelmed can be reasonably all-consuming.

Now is a perfect time to look towards the past to learn how to be better in the future. And, who better to give these insights than our Grandparents? …

It all starts by having a proactive mindset.

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When I started working with UberEATS, there were a lot of projects, tight deadlines, constant strategy change, and a limited amount of time. In essence, a typical startup.

The team was extremely successful, and we accomplished a lot, fast!. We launched over 10 new markets in my first six months. But, the constant barrage of tasks eventually led me to hit the tall wall of un-productivity. I was struggling to get through the day without a sense of dread. And it started to impact the quality of work. It was no longer fun, and this had to change.

I realized that I needed to adjust my mindset. …

Spending time in reflection pays dividends

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It’s human nature to always look for ways to improve (think: natural selection/survival of the fittest). Most don’t start the process. We tend to procrastinate out of the fear, uncertainty, or unknown on when to make the jump.

Consider birthdays as a perfect starting point to review things done and what to focus on in the future. It’s an annual gift that gives you the license to stop thinking and go!

In my experience, the lessons learned in this exercise are precious. Their usefulness grows more if you commit time for reflection and planning ahead.

Here are learnings since my last birthday. …


Alfonso Guerrero

Sales, Operations, B2B Solutions Manager @ TripAdvisor.

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