Building a Business, Part 3

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Dear Alfonso,

Believe me when I tell you that all you need right now, at the age of 30, is a crazy idea and a vision that you are committed to that others may one day believe in, too. Trust me. It will all work out.

You are now well…

Building a Business, Part 2

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One of the first things I did after deciding to start my own business seven years ago was to… write a list.

In that list, I included everything that made a coffee business appealing to me.

Businesses are like buildings; they are only as strong as the foundation they are…

Building a Business, Part 1

Attention to Detail (image provided by Author)

“How would you like your coffee prepared?” the barista asks me, and I wish I could see my own blank face. I don’t have a clue on how to answer that.

Believe it or not, that question and the exchange that followed — seven years ago — changed my life


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The trend of remote work has been growing steadily over the last year. Companies that were able to embrace the trend have found that it has been beneficial for employers and employees. Increased productivity and flexibility for employees are among the top benefits of this growing trend.

Some companies are…


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As a self-described sports fanatic, I’m excited and looking forward to Super Bowl LV this Sunday, when the defending champions, Kansas City Chiefs, will meet the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who are also hosting the game (more on this below).

However, in case you don’t follow sports too closely, then let…


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When I was growing up in Nicaragua, my Dad would ask me this one question frequently, especially on the weekends.

“Alfonso, is there a game today?”

My answer to him has always been the same.

“Dad, there’s always a game on!”

Now, you may be wondering why am I sharing…

The Future of Remote Work — Part 2

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In today’s workplace, an employee is just as likely to be working with someone in a different part of the country as they may be with someone in another part of the office.

This is another example of how traditional work experienced an accelerated and sudden shift in 2020 due…

The Future of Remote Work — Part 1

Illustration by Pixeltrue

If you roll your eyes whenever anyone says “the New Normal,” you are not alone. We all know there was nothing normal about 2020. The future of work was accelerated at a dizzying speed by necessity.

Surprisingly, most people were able to adjust despite the intense logistical headwinds and the…

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Traditionally on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I take time out of my day to personally handwrite thank-you notes to those who have impacted my life in the year. Then, I put them in an envelope and would hand-deliver them to each person when possible.

On Thursday (Thanksgiving Day), I would…


Image by Author.

On June 25th, 1994, I was an inconsolable 10-year-old laying in the arms of my Dad. Now, you may wonder why or how I remember that date with such exactitude? Well, that was the day in which I felt football was taken away from me.

That date is now infamous…

Alfonso Guerrero

Sales, Operations, B2B Solutions Manager @ TripAdvisor.

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